Marine Insurance-as-a-Service

Meetrisk: AI-based Platform

Meetrisk, a super powerful Algorithm, transforming trillions of Marine Data into business-oriented use cases for Marine Insurance :

  • Ratings: Hull, Trading Commodities, Carbon
  • Proactive management of War Risks (early warning, risk accumulation…)
  • Tracking Vessels and commodities
  • And much more…

Why should you choose MEETRISK ?


Meetrisk’s rating of marine risk gives insurers an objective and independant indicator, that enables them to segment portfolios into homogeneous risks profiles while identifying weak signals of accidentology

Data Hunt

Meetrisk targets and aggregates external data in order to enrich internal data at the service of a more deep risk knowledge, in real time  

Transform my data

Meetrisk makes all internal data exploitable in order to valorize them better 

Rating of marine risk

Meetrisk is the first rating agency of worldwide marine risks, made for risk insurance players

Our rating tool enables our users to rely on a finer analysis of transport risks, in order to improve underwriting decisions

Data hunt

Meetrisk enables insurers to complete their vision of insured assets by collecting their data and augmenting it with external data (activity, finances, ESG, etc..) 

Internal data Transformation

Meetrisk allows insurers to capitalize on their unstructured database (pictures, pdf, PowerPoints, word, etc..) in order to transform it into raw material for decision-making analysis

You want to see the potential of your internal and external data?

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