About us

Meetrisk is the alliance between a new idea of insurance and  datascience. Meetrisk is partnered with K-ciopé for the implementation of client’s solutions 

We are convinced that the explotation of data and the potency of IA will lead to the discovery of new profitability levers for transport insurance and a better cover for transport companies. 

Our Team

Laurent Barbagli

After 25 years of experience in insurance and business risk management at top leading companies - Risk manager for Club Med then Lafarge, Directing Consumer manager at Gras Savoye, CEO of AXA Matrix, Projet Manager for IBM - Laurent Barbagli is the director of Meetrisk, an insurtech committed to analysis and the predictive rating of business risks.

Thierry Bembaron

More than 20 years of experience in digital transformation. Co-director of K-ciopé and operation manager at Meetrisk

Corentin Biard

Data Scientist

Djebril Benamar

Front and back end web developer

Senior Advisors

Michel de Bressy - Senior Technical Advisor

CEO of a marine insurance mutual (3 years) and manager for AXA Marine Risk Consulting (12 years )

Roger Duchamp - Senior Technical Advisor

Manager of marine underwriting at AXA (19 years) and for Hiscox (4 years)

Our clients and partners

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