Transform my data

Every data project starts with raw data !

A data project, serving your business needs, is successful if you have a large amount of usable data.

All companies have a valuable data heritage. However, these data are difficult to manage when they are in non-structured forms, such as handwritten forms, pdfs, images, PowerPoint or Word files, etc.

Thanks to Transform my data with best in class NLP and LLM tools, Meetrisk now enables insurers and companies to recover these historical data and digitize them at a lower cost to make them an exploitable base and initiate data science projects.

We transform heterogeneous data into organized and exploitable files

Upload your original documents to your secure space.

We work on your files to convert them to the formats that we have agreed upon beforehand

Download your data and begin to capitalize on your first « data » investment.

Your data is protected

Guaranteed privacy

By signing the contract and confidentiality agreement, we create a relationship of trust by clearly outlining our commitments to you.

Reinforced security

We have chosen for you the best servers with Data Centers exclusively located in France.

We commit to limiting the number of collaborators who will have access to your data and to never disclose any confidential information.

Want to know more?

Contact us : with only a sample, we will be able to identify all the value that Meetrisk can bring you